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Stand 402

Located in Antwerp, Belgium, AED Studios has been the site for some of the most diverse and ambitious projects to be filmed in Europe. The facilities of AED Studios are characterized by their functionality. Spacious and modern, no production is too large. The studios house projects both short and long-term. Efforts are made to ensure professionals and visitors a pleasant stay, with an on-site restaurant, catering, fitness centre, child care and various other accommodations on a total space of 5.5 hectares (13.6 acres). Belgium has one of the most generous tax incentives in the world. The Belgian tax-shelter can save a production more than 40% in local spend. In addition to competitive pricing, experienced crews and state-of-the-art infrastructure, producers have all the resources needed to fulfil their vision.

Fabriekstraat 38
2547 Lint
+32 3454 2010

Stand 226

The Bus Sheds – 3000sqm of dedicated, studio space within a secure compound with space for parking support vehicles, on-site storage and construction.
This new commercial facility provides the opportunity to base productions in a town centre location in the heart of an area regularly used for location shooting (Vera, Victoria, George Gently, Star Wars, Atonement). The facility is part of CCAD, the northern school of art.

We currently offer three areas:

Stage One 17m by 50m
Stages Two & Three each 21m by 50m
Working height of 5m (16ft)

University Level Campus
Church Square
TS24 7EX
+44 (0)14 2985 8430

Stand 426

West London Film Studios provides studio space and facilities which cater for production companies in film, television, commercials, photo shoots and much more. Our award winning studios has 5 Stages, Prop Stores, an on-site Hospital Location, Art Departments, Make Up, Costume, Dressing Rooms and Production space which are all run by our in house studio team. Since being under new management from January 2014, we have worked tirelessly to invest in our ongoing upgrade programme to the studios and facilities to maximise their use to provide an excellent service for all our repeat and new clients.

Stand 130

Making its worldwide debut at MPS2017, SpaceCrate™ is a permanent or temporary, professional-spec creative space designed for a variety of creative applications in Media & Entertainment, for production and post.

Prefabricated for cost effective, simple deployment and instant use, almost anywhere in the world, SpaceCrate is constructed within the standard ISO-spec 20 foot Shipping Container and is every bit as modular, secure and simple to transport. SpaceCrate can redefine the how, where and when of content creation.

Stunning interior design, studio-grade isolation and acoustics, power prep and air conditioning are standard.

Kingfisher Place
Clarendon Road
N22 6XF
+44 (0)20 7856 0369

dock10 is the UK’s leading television facility, based at the heart of Manchester’s MediaCityUK, our ten world-class studios and extensive post-production facilities are used to make everything from popular television shows, including Match of the Day, The Voice, Countdown and Blue Peter, to commercials for leading brands and VFX based technical videos for global corporates.

M50 2HQ
+44 (0)16 1886 5111