Drama post production case study

June 13, 2017

A detailed look  into the post production process, including VFX and grade, of Jimmy McGovern’s new BBC drama Broken. 

Starting with 4K rushes shot on a Panasonic VariCam and vintage Panavision lenses, LA Productions head of post-production, Patrick Hall completed full picture post on new drama, Broken, using DaVinci Resolve, Mocha, and Fusion.

Hall created a bold, stylish grade in Resolve, aiming for a look that was both vibrant and colourful while catering to the show’s frequent more sepia-toned flashback sequences. Many of the lens flares in the series were achieved in Resolve and matched up seamlessly with the genuine flares that came off the Panavision lenses. The VFX work included advanced compositing using Mocha and Fusion, as well as using Fusion for sky replacements and even generating rain drops to add to train windows with 3D particles.