Broadcast Tech Awards

10-11 May 2023
Olympia London

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Seminar Programme

  • Stream
    • Virtual Production
  1. 30 mins
    • Virtual Production
    Kick off your MPTS with this opening fireside chat with Jamie Allan, Head of M&E at NVIDIA EMEA, and Executive XR/MetaTech Producer Muki Kulhan as they discuss the technologies and skill sets which ha ...
  1. 30 mins
    • Virtual Production
    In this session, we’ll take a look at what talent tracking is and how it can be used to give your talent more freedom on virtual sets, enhance your storytelling and create better looking virtual produ ...
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  1. 30 mins
    • Virtual Production
    Virtual production is transforming parts of the screen sector at a speed expedited by the Covid pandemic. Join Emma Turner (ScreenSkills’ Head of Film Continuing Professional Development and Future Sk ...
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  1. 30 mins
    • Virtual Production
    We all know remote virtual productions depend on robust cloud infrastructure to come alive, and we need to stay on our toes to keep up with the rapid changes as we also will lean back on the power of ...
  1. 30 mins
    • Virtual Production
    Digital Humans are everywhere, but have they come in peace or here to take over our worlds, both IRL and ‘in-verse’? Join us for this deep dive chat with award-winning Dimension Studios as we unpack a ...
  1. 30 mins
    • Virtual Production
    dock10 has designed, created and housed a wide array of virtual sports studios, including the flagship Match of The Day studio and the set for the Gran Turismo Championship. In this session, dock10 ex ...
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  1. 30 mins
    • Virtual Production
    Extended Reality (XR) is all the rage for film, broadcast and live productions. But large LED-volumes and stages don’t come cheap. In this session we’ll look at some of the costs involved with XR but ...
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  1. 40 mins
    • Virtual Production
    Visual effects, graphics and cutting-edge animation tools and techniques are becoming more sophisticated as we create to meet the hi-quality expectations of producers and fans alike. Join BBC Click's ...
  1. 40 mins
    • Virtual Production
    Join us for this exclusive session with SKY, one of the UK's best-loved broadcasters as we present a showcase of their Virtual Productions, from early day origins to a show and tell of some of their m ...
  1. 35 mins
    • Virtual Production
    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Universal Scene Descriptions are breaking innovation boundaries in 3D world build and character creation pipelines. Tuck into this must-see session that w ...

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  • MPTS allows us to meet a range of new customers who may not be aware of our streaming services and the value they could add to their projects. The show consistently helps us win new projects and expand our range of clients.
    Jake Ward
    Groovy Gecko
  • It's really buzzing and lots of vendors to engage with and it's really encouraging to see really diverse representation. So it’s really great to finally see the industry embracing and welcoming people from all of those backgrounds.
    Purminder Gandhu
    BBC R&D
  • MPTS is an important date in the calendar for us, this is THE only broadcast show in the UK that supports pro audio. It’s great to be back amongst our industry peers and we look forward to meeting customers old and new.
    Paul Mortimer
    emerging Ltd
  • The Media Production and Technology Show is a great event for connecting with the local media and entertainment community - from broadcast execs to heads of production and post facilities, right through to the hands-on crew and operators that rely on our media services and technology solutions. As longtime supporters of MPTS and regular exhibitors at the show, we've seen the event grow bigger and stronger each year.
    Jason Cowan
  • Shows like this are so important for the TV industry, especially just after covid. Coming out of covid, it's so important to get out there, see everyone, make those connections and make magic happen, this is exactly what the television industry needs.
    Kitty Scott-Claus
    Drag Race UK almni
  • When it comes to seeing the latest technology and connecting with customers, MPTS is the most important UK trade event that HHB Communication takes part in. We are consistently blown away by the year-over-year growth of the event and the ability of the MBI to keep the show fresh and innovative
    Lexie Morgan
    Head of Marketing, HHB Communication
  • It's lovely to see everyone back in the same place after such a long absence. And there’s a real buzz to the event today, there’s a lot of people here, there’s really nice energy. It’s been a really difficult 2 years for a lot of us, out of adversity comes innovation.
    Dean Webster
    Ten66 Television
  • We get to showcase, network, collaborate, learn and experience so many aspects of this profession. We met some game-changing clients and contacts who have added significant long term value to our external operation. With the Technology sector integrated this year, we're excited to understand how that could broaden our reach even further...
    Bethan Wilkin
  • For the industry, shows like this are so important because everyone is working on their own thing and working incredibly hard, sometimes you have to step back and take a look at what other people are doing, what the competition are doing and bounce off one and other. So to have a situation where you can meet other industry professionals and discuss some of the challenges that you’ve faced, I think it can only be a good thing.
    Alison Bender
    TV Presenter
  • As the industry comes back together for 2022, one-to-one relationships are more important than ever and The Media Production & Technology Show provides ELEMENTS with a great platform to meet with like-minded people in this specialist industry.
    Alistair Washbourn
  • 2022 was the first time RED Digital Cinema exhibited at the Media Production and Technology Show at Olympia London. Following product developments that have enabled our cameras to be hugely impactful in different AV industries such as live broadcast/streaming, and LED wall virtual production, the show helped us connect with a new set of customers. We made a lot of new contacts and will certainly be back in 2023
    David Webb
    EMEA Director of Sales, RED Digital Cinema
  • It’s really great to be at the Media Production and Technology Show in 2022. The atmosphere is absolutely incredible, really pleased we’re partnering with the show again this year. It's really so exciting to be able to make connections again, meet people face to face and we’re really delighted to be back on the show floor having a fantastic time!
    Carrie Wootten
  • In a normal calendar year, the value offering MPS offers with such a diverse and user end focus of visitors is invaluable. After the recent times we have all experienced, the overwhelming input we have received from productions and customers alike, our expectations are for an amazing show….
    Brian Larter
  • MPTS has always been an event which we enjoy being part of, giving us the opportunity to meet our current customers in one place and being introduced to new ones. This year is most exciting, due to us being able to see faces we haven’t seen in quite a while, and the first exhibition we will be at this year.
    Holly Rowsell
    Polar Graphics Ltd
  • Shows like The Media Production and Technology Show are so important for people to actually see the products, speak to the professionals and show them how they can use it within the industry for themselves, it's so good to be back.
    Barry Griffin
    Canon UK
  • It was very exciting to have such a group of interesting people who know their stuff, to just dive straight back in to the in-person conference. I’m really excited to be back, walking the floors, looking at all the cool interesting stuff and talking to some real media industry leaders.
    LJ Rich
    Presenter and Broadcaster
  • It's so well attended and it's so nice to be back here with everybody looking at all the new cool stuff, it's really good.
    Jet Omoshebi
    Goldcrest Post